Why We Love Bentonville, Arkansas

The city of Bentonville is ranked 10th largest in Arkansas with a population of 40,167 residents, according to the last citywide census. It has a thriving economy, a couple of interesting attractions, and houses one of the largest retail stores in the USA.

Before the town was born, the city was originally a desolate landscape inhabited by native Indians known as the Osage. The name Bentonville was later to be coined in mid-18th century, when white settlers moved into the land to commemorate the respected Missourian congressman Thomas Benton. Later, the name Bentonville was officially registered in 1873.


Though a busy town, Bentonville has its fair share of tourist attractions. One of these attractions is the town’s privilege of housing the headquarters of Walmart, one of the biggest consumer retail stores in America. Walmart has over 15 offices in Walton Boulevard and also the Walmart Visitor Center or Walmart Museum. This museum chronicles the entire history of this retail store, right from when it started to the franchise it is today, including the very first truck used by Sam Walton to start his dream business of multinational retailing.

The area is also home to the Museum of Native America history, a not-for-profit museum history with every detail about the early native tribes. Here you get to learn about the Osage, who once hunted in the city to discovering many of the artifacts that were an ingenuity of the early man. The museum also hosts scavenger hunts or kids who get to visit.

A third attraction, a historic artifact center as well, is the Crystal Bridges of Museum Art. It’s both an art collection Crystal Bridges of Bentonvillecenter and a nature trail to be enjoyed by individuals or the whole family. The museum is big enough to cover the entire tour in just a day and inside is a collection of some of the finest American art pieces procured over time. There are several different trails for a morning or evening breather plus the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house is within the vicinity.

Today, Bentonville, Arkansas is a thriving metropolis that is part of the three main counties of Arkansas. The city has gradually morphed into a suburb over the years as more people move into the city adding to the population. Access to the city is by road and air. There are over 7 main US highways, and an interstate road that connect the town to Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana and New Orleans. By air, the entire city is connected to the rest of America via the Northwest Arkansas Region Airport on the southern part of Bentonville.

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